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Job Ref: 13788

Chair of Audit Committee Financial Institution
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Required financial skills:
• An understanding of GAAP and financial statements;
• An ability to assess the general application of such principles in connection with the accounting for estimates, accruals and reserves;
• experience preparing, auditing, analyzing or evaluating financial statements that present a breadth and level of complexity of accounting issues that are generally
comparable to the breadth and complexity of issues that can reasonably be expected to be raised by the registrants financial statements, or experience actively supervising one
or more persons engaged in such activities;
• An understanding of internal controls and procedures for financial reporting; and
• An understanding of audit committee functions.
In addition to the general responsibilities as a director, the financial expert director will
also serve in the Audit Committee, and is responsible for:
reviewing the results of audits by the internal and external auditors, including matters
required to be communicated to the committee under generally accepted auditing standards. Controls over financial reporting, information technology security and
operational matters fall under the purview of the committee. 
reviewing significant accounting and reporting issues
reviewing proposed audit approaches and audit plan by the internal auditor
Candidate with over 20 years experience in the following;
 Education and experience 1) in a position as a principal financial or accounting officer, controller in major financial institutions or auditor partner in top accounting
firms, or 2) in a position involving similar functions;
 Experience in banking and / or other financial institution
 Other relevant experience
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