Temporary Staffing / Staff Augmentation

ACG Resources provides a full range of temporary staffing / staff augmentation services, delivering the best possible candidates for your business.

Interim Management

Frequently, clients require a crucial management position to be filled on a temporary basis, either while securing funding or due to an untimely departure or for any other reasons. We can fill any senior level position across the organizational chart on a moment’s notice. ACG Resources can provide quality, capable Interim Management professionals for any needed industry.

Reliable and Qualified Candidates

All of our temporary employees, whether for management or staff positions, undergo detailed background and reference checks, to ensure all are in compliant with all Federal, State and Local laws and regulations. Our temporary staffing services cover a complete range of industries and positions.

We maintain full insurance coverage (E&O, EPLI, FIDELITY BOND, W/C, ETC) and are in compliance with all Federal, State and local laws, statutes and regulations (SICK PAY, WAGE THEFT, ACA, SEXUAL HARASSMENT TRAINING, FMLA,COMMUTER BENEFITS).

Our Process

Upon receiving an order to fill a temporary position, we quickly screen and identify the most highly-qualified candidates available. Once screened and placed, the selected candidate is on-boarded electronically, which includes background checks, e-verify servicing, and I-9 Verification.

Throughout the contract period, time-tracking is performed electronically via our web-based system. This allows our clients complete access to review and track logging hours in real time.

Why hire temporary employees?

Hiring temporary employees, for specific projects or to cover absenteeism, is a cost-effective way to maximize business operations, without the expense of hiring a regular employee. With an internal database of more than 200,000 thousand candidates, we can help your business not only run effectively, but save you money over the long run.

Using our exclusive search method, with state-of-the-art technology, we can fulfill any temporary position ranging from conventional placements, to more advanced openings. Working with the client side-by-side, we are known for our superior customer service, and will work diligently to find the perfect match for your business needs.

What’s our process of hiring temporary employees?

We proudly stand by our commitment to delivering the best possible candidates for your business. When we receive an order to fill a temporary position, we quickly screen and identity the most highly-qualified candidates available.

All billing and time tracking is performed electronically with the ability for clients to review and track in real time.

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