Executive Recruitment

With over 100 years of combined experienced in executive recruitment, let out recruiting team help you fill all senior and executive staffing needs. With our database exceeded over 100,000 candidates, we can provide you all the support needed, without the hassle.

Mid-Level/Staff Recruitment

Sourcing, interviewing and hiring candidates on your own can not only become extremely time-consuming, but surprisingly expensive. Working with an array of various businesses and organizations, we pride ourselves on our effort to not only deliver you the best possible candidates, but also in a timely manner so work flow remains fluid. With security in mind, all of our candidates are subjected to strict background checks, along with resume reference confirmations. We guarantee our candidates for 60 days of employment.

We offer several options for our recruiting services:

Retained Search

For companies looking to hire an advance position, particularly quickly, we suggest this method. Most commonly, a retained search is assessed to candidates that will become very significant to the practices of the billing business. All candidates recruited for these positions remain confidential to the company and to ACG. For our retained search we charge a percentage search fee calculated by the annual compensation of the recruited candidate. This fee essentially covers the time, labor and search methods necessary in the recruiting process. Alternatively, we also offer a fee-payment program in which 1/3 of the total charge is paid over three (3) 30-day periods.

Contingent Search

ACG also offers our clients the option to pay in full once the recruiting process is complete, or essentially, once the hire has been made. Most commonly, this method is often used by businesses in pursuit of mid-level to upper management positions. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can find any candidate, for any position, on a confidential basis. Understanding that time is money, we strive to make the entire contingent search as fast and seamless as possible.

Hybrid Search

Hybrid search is a combination of retained and contingency search, where we do not charge a retainer. Instead we charge a cancellation fee if the search is cancelled for any reason other than non-performance on the part of ACG Resources.  Further details available upon request.