ACG Resources Consulting

Most business owners would agree that an energized and comfortable workplace will truly enable optimal performance from all employees. The process of creating this atmosphere, however, is never an easy task. Here at ACG, we proudly offer our clients Organizational Consulting Services to improve all business operations.

Our services cover an array of different business practices, all with the intent of improving work fluidity and employee relationships.

Organizational Change Assistance

Changes in the workplace are never the same for everyone. Whether the change is a merger or acquisition, a change of management, or simply a new mission or strategy, it’s crucial for a business to be on the right page with their employees to ensure success. ACG Resources can help bring your employees up to speed. We offered organizational chart development to provide exact instructions for employees to effectively transition into a new business model. By providing services that allow us to tailor your employees to new organization guidelines, we can smooth out the transition process and train them specifically on the necessary changes and the company’s new vision.

Administrative Surveys

It not always easy to correlate with your employees needs. Here at ACG, we can provide and administer organization assessment surveys, covering a wide range of business topics, to give your business the complete overhaul of what needs to improve and what is working well. These customized surveys allow the client to get a much better understanding of how their employees react to new changes, and what the best ways to go about conducting business for maximum profitability.

Customized Compensation Study

We can comprise a market analysis of competitive compensation levels (cash, stock, stock options and other incentive-based or equity-based compensation) for officer and directors. The market analysis on executive and staff positions will provide information on the prevailing and reasonable compensation for comparable executive and director/committee
positions in similar companies.

ACG Resources will focus on companies of approximately the same size industry, and revenue.

Financial Services Salary Surveys

These surveys are available to order at Order a Salary Survey. This survey covers over150 executives, managerial, and staff positions in the financial services industry. A large number of financial institutions, immigration lawyers, and national trade publications look to this survey as an authoritative source of salary information. It is also one of the sources utilized by the Department of Labor in determining current wage information.

These studies are useful to maintain competitive analysis of your team and may also be utilized for labor certifications. In a growing market, analysis of compensation is highly important to help retain employees and maintain a low turnover rate.

Immigration Wage and Expert Opinion Letters for H-1B Applications

ACG is frequently called upon by Immigration attorneys to provide Expert Opinion letters with regard to the validity of experience for employees seeking H1B status. Call us to discuss

Management Training

Training new and existing employees can not only become time-consuming, but very costly. By using our consulting professionals, we can save you much time and provide the necessary training needed to facilitate your business. While each training program is specifically assessed to the necessary requirements of the client, our programs encourage and improve the communication between employees, human resource consulting, the organizational behavior of the work environment, the importance of teamwork, and managerial services to ensure minimal turnover rates.

Our training programs also include the coaching and assessment of all employees to improve interactions with upper-management and co -workers , along with improving the confidence of the office to create a more efficient and productive work environment.

Specific training topics include sexual harassment, workplace violence, executive coaching, public speaking, emergency/disaster recovery, sensitivity training as well as customized programs.

Facilitation Services

ACG provides large and small group meetings to discuss challenging topics and dilemmas that may be minimizing the productivity of the workflow, both individually and collectively. By using these focus groups, ACG can gather collaborative input from your employees to create better strategies to improve overall business operations.

We can directly inform you of what needs to change in your business for smoother processes.

Improving Customer Service

Consulting with your employees about their daily interactions with customers can improve the profitability of your company. ACG can create a plan to improve and maintain loyalty of the employees within the company, the overall communication associated with the customer, and needed changes to get the most out of your employees.

Legal & Liability

Educating your employees is crucial to the protection of the organization. ACG Resources can provide the necessary instructions to improve business ethics along with better workmanship. In terms of legal entities, we provide preventative training in issues like workplace violence, sexual harassment, corporate professionalism, emergency/disaster recovery, sensitivity training, etc. While these topics seem to be mostly generalized, its imperial for an organization to make sure their employees labor by a certain standard for better efficiency.

Outplacement Services

Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the career search process, we can provide various programs to assess and tailor your employees who are looking to leave due to reorganization or realignment of strategy.

We provide coaching to update your employees on the current job market trends, resume writing and review, and future career guidance.

As mentioned above, all programs and services are tailored specifically to the client. All services can be offered as a series over time, a-la-carte, or an on-demand basis. If you would like to learn more about our consulting services, please contact an ACG professional at 212-576-7600.