The Search Process

We conduct each search in a professional and candid manner with both our clients and candidates. Working with the client’s HR professional and/or hiring manager as directed, we reach an understanding of the position and the requirements needed to fill the vacancy as we go about finding employees for your firm.

Our Method of Finding Employees for You

The first step in identifying qualified candidates is to conduct a thorough search of our proprietary database. In addition to our extensive network of connections within the industry, our researchers highlight those individuals who, based on their resumes, fit the profile, and also pinpoint professionals who are likely to identify appropriate “passive”candidates. Such candidates might not be actively seeking a move but, if approached with the “right” position, would be receptive to considering a new potential job listing.

We also make extensive use of our online capabilities by posting positions on the ACG website and on appropriate independent job boards. To ensure we reach as wide of an audience as possible, we also make use of targeted networking. This combination of “approaches” has proven to be the most successful for both organizations in filling positions.

With our extensive industry contacts, highly qualified professionals wishing to advance their careers often seek us out, but who, for a variety of reasons, are unable to actively seek other opportunities. Many of our clients have invited us to bring such “star” candidates to their attention, even when their profiles do not match the requirements of any current assignment.

One hallmark of our recruiting process is flexibility – a willingness to modify the procedures as required by the client. We recognize that as the process of interviewing candidates proceeds, the position requirements and/or profile of the appropriate candidate may change. As an extension of and partner to the client’s hiring process, we respond accordingly to such modifications.

What ACG Brings To the Search Process

The Fordyce Letter® enumerates key attributes of a professional recruiting organization. Basing itself on that list, ACG offers the following:

Expertise: ACG Resources is the industry leader in the employment marketplace. We strive to continually update our searching process with all new market trends.

Cast a wider net: A professional fisherman will always have a greater selection than a weekend angler. ACG is the marketplace day-in and day-out.

Cost: There’s a misconception among employers that the cost of a hire equals the cost of the ad or posting run to attract the person hired.

Reality: Contrary to what some believe, ACG does not try to fit square pegs into round holes.

Confidentiality: ACG ensures that all searches are completed in strict professional and private conditions.

Speed: ACG taps into the talent market much faster then having to start the process from scratch.

Post-Hire Downtime: Not only is speed an essential part of ACG’s job, the ability to locate a per-son who can immediately “hit the ground running” with a minimum of “ramp-up time” is also desirable.

Unbiased Third-Party Input: ACG’s primary function is not to fill a slot, but to provide the right candidate to solve a problem. We conduct each search in a professional and candid manner with both our clients and candidates. Working with the client’s HR professional and/or hiring manager.