I have engaged Len Adams and his staff on many high level executive search assignments as well as middle level managerial and technical positions. They not only grasp the skills, knowledge and experience levels to fill a need, but they also understand the attitudes, habits and work ethic required for the right fit. I highly recommend him and his firm to anyone with immediate staffing needs or in need of a consult on how to staff for growth.

– Phillip S., President / COO
Savings Bank

 ACG Resrouces

 ACG Resrouces


lways represent the interests of our corporate clients and adhere to a strict non-recruit policy with regard to our client relationships.

Discuss all fees, guarantees, and service charges prior to the acceptance of an assignment.

Access every means necessary (recruiting, internal & external database search, internet access, and advertising) to successfully complete a given assignment

Maintain complete confidentiality of our clients at all times (our client’s identity is never disclosed until the scheduling of an interview).

Submit interim staff/temporary employees and consultants who are fully bonded and insured.


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Why Do I Need an Recruiting Firm?
(Formerly Known as an Employment Agency)

In today’s world, we often hear the question of why do we need a recruiter? Why should we go outside the company to hire employees? Why should we allow a search firm, formerly known as an employment agency, to source candidates, if we can just do so ourselves?

Our answer is simple.

If you have the time, the searching capabilities, and the sourcing expertise, go right ahead!

Self-application in business is tricky, as it’s time-consuming, and it often minimizes the company’s maximum benefits.

Sure, you can file your own taxes, but do you really have the time to analyze and ensure every deduction is made? Sure, you can manage your own investments, but do you really have the time to follow every market change and portfolio strengths?

In a restless business world, expected time is never certain. Competition is fierce, and the need for qualified employees is not a luxury, but a necessity. Why minimize your chances of finding the ideal candidate due to time-constraints or lack of expertise?

Did You Know?

  • Nearly 50 percent of all recent/new candidates inevitably leave their jobs in the first 18 months, 11% of which are due to lack of skills required.
  • Turnover rate is a crucial element to the sustainability and success of company. Studies have found that almost 90% of turnover is a result of poor hiring decisions.
  • The interview process is long and tedious, yet extremely important to securing ideal talent. Over 69% of employers reported that a bad hire was a result of an inadequate interview process.

Following this concept, ACG Resources possesses the tools, systems, processes, and most importantly, the candidate relationships, to provide a superior and seamless hiring experience.

Why slow down your business by sorting through hundreds of resumes and applications forms, spending meaningless dollars on ineffective sourcing strategies, all to deliver an inferior result.

Over the long haul, it’s more cost-efficient to hire the ideal candidate, rather than the expeditious spending involved with self-hiring.

So don’t delay anymore. Your time is too valuable to be misused. Let us handle the workload of your job orders and give us a call today!

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