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3 ways to become a better leader

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3 ways to become a better leader Leading a team or even just a few individuals takes practice, here are 3 tips that make being a better leader just a little easier:   Be A Good Role Model Employees notice when their leaders follow their own rules, and they notice even more when they don’t, […]




5 Tips for successful Job Interviews 

5 Tips for successful Job Interviews  Job interviews can be a difficult task for some job seekers, below are 5 tips for more successful interviews: Familiarize Yourself With The Company Before going in for an interview, it is helpful to do a little research on the company that you’ll be interviewing for, and it can […]




Pay Attention Please!: Cognitive Quantification and Why It is so Important

Pay Attention Please!: Cognitive Quantification and Why It is so Important   Cognitive quantification is a fancy term for being able to know without a doubt that people are paying attention to what you are saying. Everyone has to give speeches, reports, presentations, or memos and we do not always know if we got the […]




Overcoming a rut in your career

Overcoming a Rut in Your Career   The first and most important thing to understand is that everyone goes through a rut in their career. It does not matter what field you are in, eventually you will get a little bored or you realize that you have already faced the challenges which will be offered […]




Practice Practice Practice Your Presentations

Presentations. The word itself sends a chill down the spine and you can feel your blood pressure spike. This is one of the most dreaded aspects of the business world and unfortunately. All of us have to give presentations or speeches to small to large groups at some point




How to Make Your Weekends Work for You

 How to make your weekends work for YOU!   The work week can be tiring and when the weekend finally hits many people are not sure what to do with their time. Some try and get even more work done while others completely check out until they step back in the office Monday morning. Studies have shown that humans need a break about every 5 to 7 days or else their productivity, focus, and creativity can suffer. A break does not have to mean laying around in your sweatpants for two days and sometimes working through the weekend is unavoidable, but here are a few ways that you can enjoy your two-day break while still being productive.




The Importance of the 5 Whys

The Importance of the 5 Whys If you have ever had something go wrong, then you have to fix it. What happens if something similar goes wrong? This means you never got to the root of your original problem. This can waste time and resources because to make a mistake once is a lesson if […]




Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office

How to Deliver Effective Employee Training in 6 Easy Steps

Resolving Communication Problems Within The Office   Communication, or the lack thereof, within a company can lead to many issues. Lack of communication causes frustration with the team and causes the company to be less effective as a whole. Here are a few ways to better manage communication in the work place:   Have Regular […]




5 Tips For Building Workplace Etiquette

Workplace etiquette is critical in running a business, and it can change how employees interact with each other and with their employers. Below are five ways to build workplace etiquette to ensure everything runs smoothly: Make A Good First Impression Coming into a new workplace is difficult, you don’t know anyone, and you don’t know […]




Tips and Tricks for Noteworthy Presentations

Tips and Tricks for Noteworthy Presentations     There are many companies that teach seminars and even college credit classes focused on the topic of created a noteworthy presentation. For those of you who are still looking to improve, here are ten steps which, if followed, will get you 80% of the way to outstanding […]