Temp Services on Demand

We understand that hiring temporary employees to assist in various projects and business functions can certainly improve company productivity. Adams Consulting Group, LLC/ACG resources offer temp services on demand to give your business the best possible temporary employees with the no search effort on your part. As included in all of our search endeavors, our candidates are backed by our 100% guarantee with strict and detailed background checks, along with confirmation of resume references.

Why hire temporary employees?

Operating a business in itself is always a tricky and expensive operation. Hiring temporary employees, for specific durations, is a cost-effective way to maximize business operations, without the expense of hiring a regular employee. With our database serving to more than 90,000 thousand candidates, we can help your business not only run effectively, but save you money over the long haul.

Using our exclusive search method, with state-of-the-art technology, we can fulfill any temporary position ranging from conventional placements, to more advanced openings. Working with the client side-by-side, we are known for our superior customer service, and will work diligently to find the perfect match for your business needs.

What’s our process of hiring temporary employees?

We proudly stand by our commitment to delivering the best possible candidates for your business. And like all hires, we feel that the best approach to go about recruiting involves not only exhausted commitment, but a complete and open communication line between our clients. When we receive an order to fill a temporary position, we quickly screen and identity the most highly-qualified candidates available. We then give our client the opportunity to conduct their own screening of our candidate(s) to meet all essential requirements. If approved, we electronically onboard, background check and e-verify each candidate to ensure complete accuracy and safety.

All conducted billing and time tracking is done electronically with the ability for clients to review and track themselves.

Our temporary candidates are guaranteed for the agreed duration, and can be canceled at any time depending on the employer’s needs.

For more information call us at 212-566-7600.