Staff Augmentation

Most business owners would agree that an energized and comfortable workplace will truly enable optimal performance from all employees. The process of creating this atmosphere, however, is never an easy task especially during a change management initiative. ACG Resources proudly offer our clients staff augmentation to improve all business operations.

Our services cover an array of different business practices, all with the intent of improving work fluidity and employee relationships.

Organizational Change Assistance

Changes in the workplace are never the same for everyone. Whether the change is a merge or acquisition, a change of management, or simply a new mission or strategy, it’s crucial for a business to be on the right page with their employees to ensure success.

Having everyone on the same page is a difficult task to achieve. ACG Resources can help bring your employees up to speed and reduce any transitional challenges. We offer organizational chart development to provide exact instructions for employees to effectively transition into a new business model.

By providing services that allow us to tailor your employees to new organization guidelines, we can smooth out the transition process and train them specifically on the necessary changes and the company’s new vision.

Administrative Surveys

It not always easy to correlate with your employees needs. Here at ACG, we can provide and administer organization assessment surveys, covering a wide range of business topics, to give your business the complete overhaul of what needs to improve and what is working well. These customized surveys allow the client to get a much better understanding of how their employees react to new changes, and what the best ways to go about conducting business for maximum profitability.

Using this data, we can develop specific working methods and tasks to improve overall employee engagement and work production.